Our sincerity and quality of service increases the efficiency of treatment. We select and use a variety of safe and effective, fresh, high quality natural products which enables us to customize our products to suit each individual’s skin type or features.

Essential Oil

Excellent quality fragrant scents for aromatherapy help to calm, refresh, stimulate and exhilarate.

Lotion Reflexology

Foot massage lotion is absorbed through the skin for helping energy channel to facilitate blood flow.

Organic Oil

Our “NUT FREE” organic massage oil is high in vitamin E. It leaves your skin smooth and firm.

Natural Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond pressed under cold pressure produces an oil perfect for sensitive and dry skin. Can help protect the skin from sunshine UV 25.

Organic Cream

Rich with a quality of organic aloe, sunflower, lavender, chamomile, arnica. Which are perfect for deep tissue and therapeutic work.

Aroma Balm

A mild heating balm with fragrant flower & herbs. Help relive nasal congestion.

Herbal Ball

Many medicinal aromatic herbs of Thailand, seven kinds of herbs blended to treat inflammation, reduce joint pain and release tension.

Thai Herb Oil & Thai Balm

Reduces tight muscles, inhale to relieve stuffy nose and dizziness.